Corporate Introduction

Softage Sdn Bhd was formed in Malaysia in 2007. The company was all set to ride the wave of the Malaysian information technologies and managed by creative professionals who have a wealth of experience, skill and knowledge in the networking and security industry.

Softage Sdn Bhd was successful due on always satisfy the customer need and want, it means more in term of service, professional and quality as encapsulated in the past years of operation. We are committed to provide our customers the best solutions in the following areas of our expertise:

  • Traffic Control & Surveillance System.
  • Telecommunication System.
  • Networking System.
  • Security System.
  • Maintenance and Services.

Our commitment is customer's satisfaction through professional services geared towards the client best interests.

It is our policy as a company to provide products and systems to our customers, which are of a very high quality, cost effective and reliable. To this end we endeavor to use only the highest quality products and system solution to cater for our customer's needs.